Sister’s Extraordinary Birds: Up Close & Personal

  • 21 Feb 2019
  • 6:00 PM
  • 301 S Elm, Sisters Oregon

The Bjarne Holm Speaker Series presents Elise Wolf of Native Bird Care of Sisters, Oregon.

Title: Sister’s Extraordinary Birds: Up Close & Personal

Presentation: Elise Wolf will share the delights of some of our flighted community members that people are likely to see on Sister’s trails and habitats. Central Oregon is part of the Pacific Flyway, the western-most migratory passage for birds and an attractive home for many fascinating species. Getting to know and recognize the various birds that are part of our extraordinary, wild community is incredibly rewarding.  

The audience will be entertained by charming stories, wonderful pictures and video, and species insights Elise has gained from her experience as a wildlife advocate and professional avian rehabilitator. No one will be bored, Elise is a dynamic and entertaining speaker whose enthusiasm for nature is infective.  

Elise Wolf is the director and the professional rehabilitator for Native Bird Care, an avian rescue center here in Sisters. Native Bird Care is a unique facility that specializes in song, water, and shorebirds. Wildlife rescuers are afforded opportunities to gain unique insights into their wild patients in ways often hard to attain in the wild for the scientist. Not only does each species require that the rehabber be familiar with the animal’s dietary, behavioral, migration/territorial, and habitat needs, but the rescuer also gets to glean a lot about the species while in care. For Elise, the most rewarding and intriguing is getting to know an animal as an individual – every single one has a personality. 

Native Bird Care chose to work with song, shore, and waterbirds because – well they are just absolutely extraordinary. From Trumpeter Swans to White-Headed Woodpeckers to Common Loons to Townsends Solitaires, Evening Grosbeaks and Lesser Goldfinch to Spotted Sandpiper and Snipe – there is so much to appreciate and treasure in our wild avian friends. 

Biography: Upon finding a car-stricken crow and being asked for help by the overwhelmed rehabilitator, Elise Wolf began volunteering in avian rescue. Elise had spent decades advocating for wildlife, environmental issues, and indigenous peoples’ rights previous to this work. In 2009, a baby Wilson’s Snipe won Elise’s heart so much that she chose to completely change her life so that she could do rescue on a larger level. Being able to save or help individual animals on a personal level was so rewarding, she decided to advance her training and get her own federal and state permits. Today, Native Bird Care is a small but efficient care facility located on 40 private acres Elise and her husband set up as a conservation property for wildlife. The facility is run on a shoe-string budget and Elise and her husband continue to hold down jobs to support the work. Native Bird Care is 100% volunteer and all donations are used for food, medicine, and housing for our avian patients. 

For more information on Native Bird Care, please visit their website

The presentation will begin at 7pm in the Community Room at Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Hall (301 S Elm St). The doors will open at 6pm with light refreshments available. A $5 donation is requested for Native Bird Care to support their work.

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