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Green ridge paved bicycle route

Greenridge paved bicycle route

Length: 38 miles. Surface: Paved (and/or chip sealed) road with 4’ paved shoulders along Highway 20.

Description: You can start this ride in Sisters and take Hwy  20 west to NF-11 or from Sisters, follow the directions for the Indian Ford Road ride to its west end. For a shorter ride,  park near the intersection of NF-11 and Indian Ford Road and start the ride from there for a 20 mile ride.

From the NF-11 & Indian Ford Road intersection, you'll encounter a relatively steady climb past Black Butte on NF-11, through open Ponderosa and incense cedar forests, continuing to the end of the pavement. There's an especially rewarding views of the Three Sisters mountains on the fast return descent.

The route is 38 miles if you take Sisters to Indian Ford to NF-11 and return the same way or approximately 6 miles less if you take Hwy 20 in and out of town. The highway has a decently wide shoulder but is heavily trafficked. Approximately 2000’ in elevation gain.

Access: Follow directions for the Indian Ford Loop to the intersection of Indian Ford Rd and NF Rd 11 or take Hwy 20 west out of Sisters to NF-11, turning right to the intersection of NF-11 and Indian Ford Rd.

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